Observer show

So, I stumbled out at lunchtime today past the outbreak of new galleries in Eastcastle St to find a new (to me) Haunch of Venison space. It has been there for two months apparently. Not sure if it handles different kinds of shows to the amazing Bond St space, but today there was a group show. Some figurative painting, some figurative sculpture (including some wall based relief, which I might normally be ok to say was a painting, but the other paintings were so painty).

It felt to me as if the ghost of Sigmar Polke was present in much of the painting which I cannot regard as a good thing. The juxtaposition and layering of multiple images to evoke (presumably) the visual cacophony of the modern world was more effective before Photoshop. Rauschenberg did it best, but it has been downhill ever since 1965 with this style. It’s just an excuse to avoid composition and to avoid identifying oneself as an artist with any image that might conceivably be a statement rather than a comment.


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